Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thing 19 Web 2.0 tools

How cool! I had never heard of this award and right away bookmarked it (using del.icio.us, of course) so that I can spend time later looking through many of the sites.

I am particularly interested in local information on the web (I love the "neighborhood" application on Facebook and have made a good friend there--someone I wouldn't have met otherwise who lives only 4 blocks from me). So, I checked out several of the "City Guides and Reviews" and focused on Yelp

It was interesting. Oddly, unlike most of these sites, there was a lot of information about my hometown in Oklahoma. Many of the local sites are much more focused on cities, which makes sense. More new people move to cities, so people are looking for more information. And it's harder to be anonymous in one's reviews in a small town.

There wasn't as much in NYC, by neighborhood at least, as I would have thought. But the site is very easy to use, both to search and to create reviews.

I think that adding libraries to local information sites reminds people that libraries are still out there and still providing useful services.

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