Monday, October 29, 2007

Number 12 Rollyo

I'm not doing these in I think I'll start numbering the "things".

Rollyo was new to me, which was fun. I remember when Google was whispered about from librarian to librarian (none of my non-librarian friends in those days had heard of Google). This was more or less what you did, gathered useful sites and search them. I'd sort of forgotten how nice it is to be able to do a search of sites I want to search and not what results a commercial site chooses to give me.

I think I might set of some of these if I were still doing reference every day.

What I did was think about a few sites I search for music. I added those together and came up with this. I don't know that I will use it often, but I enjoyed learning something new.

Everything seemed straightforward except finding the link to post here. It took me a long time to find "share"!

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