Thursday, October 4, 2007

Children's programs

Well, really a question.

When I was a children's librarian, many years ago and many miles away, I used a great book that suggested passages of classical music to play while doing storytime. I only remember one, which was to use the Blue Danube while reading Swimmy.

Does anyone else remember this book?

It was such a great enhancement to my regular storytime (using that word in its most generic sense).


Logan Ragsdale said...

Among my many incarnations I was a children's librarian and a K-6 School Librarian. I used Swimmy and many other Leo Lionni books every year. His illustrations are great for art projects also.

Barb Conkin said...

I use Swimmy all the time in fish-themed storytimes, but I've never used it with classical music. Thanks for recommending Blue Danube. The kids are in for a treat.

While Baby Einstein is heavily advertised and therefore better known, there is a less known but I think better DVD combination of classical music and art called Classical Baby.